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This is a secure order page. However, if you have any concerns, we invite you to place your credit card order by phone at (515) 224-7654.

Secure Ordering Screen (Gift Certificate)

Looking to give the gift of tarot to that special tarot-lover in your life? A Tarot Garden gift certificate ensures that your favorite tarot friends can get exactly the deck(s) they want! Just fill out the form below to order your gift certificate today.

2013 Holiday Special! Give a little, get a little! We'll credit 10% of the value of your gift certificate purchases back to your own Tarot Garden account! You can continue to earn credits through 31 December 2013.

NOTE For PayPal users: be sure to enter the email address you have registered with the PayPal service in the "Your Email address" box below. We will send you a PayPal invoice as soon as possible, so you may complete your gift certificate order.

If you need further assistance placing an order, please contact us at sales@tarotgarden.com or call 515.224.7654 (U.S. Central Time Zone). We are always happy to accept orders by phone.

Your Name / Tu Nombre:

Your Email address / Tu dirección de correo electrónico:
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if there is an urgent reason to so.

Name that should appear on the gift certificate / Nombre para utilizar en el cheque regalo:

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Email or address of recipient (either or both, depending on what method of delivery you prefer) / Correo electrónico o dirección del recipiente (de cualquier manera prefiere):

Special instructions (specific target delivery date, special message to include, etc.) / Instrucciónes especial (fecha de entrega, mensaje especial por el recipiente, etc.):

Check here if you have a card on file or account with us
that you wish to use. If you check this box, you need not
fill out the remaining fields below / Marca aquí si antes
nos has dado tu información de tu tarjeta de crédito, y nos
la quieres usar por éste pedido. Si marcas ésta caja, no es
necesario darnos la información debajo:

Card Type or PayPal / Tipo de Tarjeta o PayPal:

NOTE: The information below is not required if you are paying via PayPal.

Name on credit card (if different from ordering/shipping name) /
Nombre en tu tarjeta de crédito (si es diferente que el nombre nos
diste arriba):

Card Number (no spaces or dashes, please) /
Número de la Tarjeta (por favor no espacios o puntuación):

Expiration Date / Fecha de Vencimiento:

Billing address (if different from shipping address above) /
Dirección que les mandas la cuenta (si es diferente que la dirección de
envío arriba):

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