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Special: Wardle Collection Sale

The Tarot Garden
Special Sales

Special Sales

A listing of
special items
available for sale
exclusively to our
select customers.

The following is a list of items being made available from the original Wardle collection. Many of these items were reboxed by Mr. Wardle into handmade containers, and do NOT include the original box unless otherwise indicated. The condition of each deck is described in the "Condition" column for the listing. Decks are complete (all cards present) unless otherwise noted. Buyers will receive a certificate of authenticity verifying that the deck was originally part of the Wardle collection. Any questions should be directed to us at sales@tarotgarden.com before purchasing. All sales are final.

NOTE: This exclusive sale page is NOT linked in to our general website, except for the announcement at the top of our homepage. If you wish to return to this page periodically, we recommend you bookmark it for faster access.

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Thumbnail Title Condition Price Buy
Entropy Tarot
More Samples
Mint-condition cards housed in original 1983 box. Box has reminants of a price sticker, some shelf wear. Overall rating: Near Mint. $225

Insight Institute Tarot
More Samples
Ca. 1970 edition; appears to be a lower-quality screened printing. Cards rated are in Very Good condition; no major damage, but with definite wear. A few cards have faint corner stains. Includes typewritten info cards in handmade box by James D. Wardle. $140

Tarot Card for Lovers
More Samples
Original packaging, wear to box. Original book (in Japanese language) included. Overall rating: Excellent condition. $300


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