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The Tarot Garden Library

Young Artists Gallery

Do you have a young tarot-enthusiast/prodigy in your midst? Then share his or her original vision of tarot with our site visitors!

Tarot for a New Generation:
A Kid's- and Teen's-Eye View of Tarot

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The complex and fascinating images of the tarot have captured the imagination of old and young alike. Working with tarot cards can be a great learning experience for young children -- from games to storytelling to a "first collection," the exposure to tarot can open a child's mind and provide an early introduction to spiritual concepts that will last a lifetime.

Encouraging kids to make their own tarot cards can be a great exercise in imagination or an engaging rainy-day project. The medium can be as simple as pencil-and-paper, or as complex as paintings on actual cards (blank 78-card decks with the "USG Rider-Waite" plaid back design are available from the Tarot Garden for $8). And if your budding artist has created a tarot card or three, we'd love to see them! The pages linked together here comprise a gallery, showcasing the tarot art of the "next generation" of tarot lovers. We hope you enjoy browsing this charming collection of tarot archetypes, as envisioned by kids from all over the world.

If you have tarot art that you'd be willing to have us post on this page, please send the following in an email to (adults only please -- send artwork on behalf of kids or teens, age 17 or younger):

  • Child's name, age, and mailing address (for confidentiality reasons, the child's full name and address will not be posted; refer to the other pages in this section for the information included with each picture's credit).
  • Scan or graphic file with the artwork (no more than two cards, please -- if more than two are sent, we will choose which two to post). Graphics should be in .jpg or .gif format, if possible.
  • Statement of parental permission to include the picture(s) provided on this page.

As a "thank you" for each submission received, we will send the child a free set of the Caring Psychic Family major arcana cards. We're waiting to display your junior tarotist's art for all to enjoy!

16 May 2005

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