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The Tarot Garden Library

Sneak Peek: The Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. IV

Excerpts from the latest tome in the classic series -- a "must have" for any serious tarot enthusiast!

The Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. IV
A Tarot Garden Exclusive "Sneak Peek"t

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Since the first volume was released in 1978, Stuart Kaplan's Encyclopedia of Tarot series has been regarded as the standard reference for tarot decks and their history in the field. Now, 15 years after the third volume was released, comes the long-awaited volume IV. Documenting an additional 15 years of published and unpublished tarot, this 800+ page guide includes information on over 800 decks, with more than 11,000 individual tarot card samples are provided.

Special sections include a look at the "Japanese Tarot boom," with samples from over 100 Japanese-published decks, and an annotated bibliography of more than 1,500 books and articles.

We're proud to be able to provide some sample pages from this soon-to-be classic tome in our online library. We hope you enjoy our "sneak peek" of this informative and invaluable reference work.

Email us by 27 May 2005 to preorder your copy of The Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. IV, at a 20% discount!

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