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Jeannette Roth is the co-owner of The Tarot Garden. She has been collecting tarot for 20 years, with an eclectic interest in all areas of its study and use.

The Third World Tarot Congress Banquet
A Pictorial Review

During the weekend of May 10 - 12, 2002, I had the extreme pleasure of attending the third World Tarot Congress in Lincolnwood, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). The pictures shown here were taken during the Saturday night banquet, in which the attendees were encouraged to come dressed as their favorite tarot card. Thanks to all the WTC members who were kind enough to allow me to capture them "in the moment" and share those moments here.

-- Jeannette Roth, 15 May 2002

A fiery King of Wands
Death takes a holiday

Susan and Betsy are the Sun and the Fool
Most Original Costume Concept:
The Extra "Blank Cards" in the Deck

Three cheers for Chris
and the Two of Pentacles
An elegant Queen of Swords

Having a Devil
of a good time!
Ellen's "Moon" costume,
patterned after her own
original card design
The Emperor
and progeny

"High Priestess" James
reveals the future to Rachael
Valerie Roberts offers a toast

"High Priestess" and WTC Chairperson Janet Berres
Chats with the Nine of Pentacles (Saskia Jansen)
Tim brings a little magic
to the event

Lo Scarabeo's
Pietro Alligo
shows off his best
"Hermit" suit
Ron's "Hierophant" lays down the law!

The best part of the weekend: unlimited smiles!

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