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The Tarot Garden Library


Information on tarot history, symbolism, studies, publishing, and collecting.

Current List of Articles

Esoteric Studies

Tarot / Qabalah Connection: Tree of Life Exercise by Josephine Mori. Reinforce your understanding of both Qabalah and Tarot with this insightful introduction by the co-author of Tarot of the Sephiroth.

Osho and Tarot by Jeannette Roth. An examination of Osho-influenced decks, and the controversial group from which their creators learned their metaphysics.


Writing the Da Vinci Enigma Tarot. The Arthurian Tarot co-creator Caitlin Matthews gives an inside look at the process of creating her ground-breaking Da Vinci Enigma Tarot.

Spirituality, Saints, and the Cards. Dan interviews Saints Deck co-crreator Ann Trump about how her unique cartomantic deck came to fruition.

Tarot Through a Different Lens. A fascinating look inside the life and mind of Lee Bursten, creator of The Gay Tarot.

Tarot, Alchemy, Buddhism. An in-depth interview with artist and prolific tarotist Robert M. Place, creator of The Buddha Tarot, The Alchemical Tarot, and others.

Shining a Light on the Basics of Tarot's Imagery. A thoughtful and fun chat with Robin Ator, creator of the Ator Tarot and International Icon Tarot.

The Art, Architecture, and History of Prague in Tarot. An engaging interview with Tarot of Prague creators Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov.

Birth of a Tarot by Edouard Finn. A personal account of the creative process, by the co-creator of the Arc-en-Ciel Tarot. Versions of this article are available for review in both English and French.

Carrying the Torch of Tarot's Italian Legacy. A fascinating behind-the-scenes interview with Lo Scarabeo's Riccardo Minetti.

"Masters of Tarot" Series

COMING SOON! -- A series of articles on the prolific tarot creators of the last 100 years.

New Frontiers

Cards in Three Dimensions: Tarot-Inspired Costumes by Jeannette Roth. The story of a ten-month journey that turned cards from the Londa and Buckland Romani tarots into award-winning "living works-of-art."

The William Blake Tarot: Old Symbols for a New Age by Ed Buryn. Reproduced from a presentation at the First International Tarot Conference in Melbourne, Australia. The creator and author of the William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination shares his thoughts and research on how Blake's work can provide new insights for students of tarot.

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