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Tarot-related trivia and other puzzles.

Test Your "T.Q."

How well do you know your tarots? Here are 25 more card samples, along with some additional clues, designed to help you test your T.Q. Answers can be found at the bottom of the page.

1) This popular tarot, designed by Liz Hilton and Suzanne Star, and published by U.S. Games Systems, features mythological creatures on every card.

2) Antonio Lupetelli created and illustrated this charming tarot -- but don't mistake it for his equally-popular "Fairy Tarot," also published by Lo Scarabeo!

3) When trying to think of the title of this Lo Scarabeo offering by Giorgio Trevisian, keep in mind that there are two right answers!

4) This simple-but-colorful esoteric tarot deck also goes by multiple names, depending on the publisher or distributor.

5) A popular Japanese tarot that is often difficult to obtain in the West, this deck has been republished several times, and bears the name of its creator.

6) First published in 2000, this erotic tarot -- illustrated by Luca Raimondo and published by Lo Scarabeo -- also features many beautiful scenes from historic Venice.

7) Created by Luigi Scapini -- who also published the beautiful "Romeo and Juliet" and "Medieval Scapini" tarots -- this 78-card deck was inspired by historical European stained glass art.

8) Although many of its cards -- based on Native American traditions and mythologies -- have been renamed (such as the Magician card, retitled as "Heyokah" at left), Patricia Beattie and Mike Giddens 1999 tarot retains most of the structure of the "traditional 78-card" deck.

9) Maria Mestre drew her inspiration for this tarot -- published by the French card manufacturer Grimaud -- from Sri Lankan mythos.

10) Created by the artist of the "Carnival of Venice" tarot, this limited edition 78-card deck features characters and scenes from Greek legends.

11) Artist Chris Paradis created this computer-composited, "musical" tarot in a limited edition of 500 copies.

12) Don't get confused -- prolific tarot creator Osvaldo Menegazzi created two different limited-edition tarots based on this same historical theme. Which of these two historical tarots is shown at left?

13) This historic tarot -- originally created by Ignaz Krebs -- was reproduced by artist Georg Gottlob and published by Piatnik in 1984.

14) Lo Scarabeo published this majors-only tarot by Sergio Sarri (a.k.a. Sesar) in 1995 as part of its "Tarocchi d'Arte" series. HINT: the card shown at left is the "Temperance" card; the subtitle reads "La Dolce Vita."

15) This hard-to-find, majors-only collage deck was originally self-published by artist France Poëhr in a limited edition of 100 copies.

16) M. Elena Pecchio created this charming, child-like tarot, which was published in a limited edition of 2500 copies by Il Meneghello in 1986. HINT: You can find this deck listed in Kaplan's Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. III, on pages 222-223.

17) This 1983 majors-only tarot by Alexandre Mourouzi was published by Samjac of Switzerland in a limited edition of 2,000 numbered copies (plus 50 extra unnumber decks). HINT: You can find this deck listed in Kaplan's Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. III, on page 383.

18) According to Kaplan's Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. III, the title of this 1982 tarot, created by Alain Bocher and published by Alrea Editions of France, "refers to a pulley, in reference to the metaphor of truth being like the water in a well, which must be pulled up from the depths of the self."

19) This whimsical 1990 tarot, published by Fournier of Spain, is named after the artist who created it.

20) This beautiful, majors-only French tarot (c. 1995) is comprised of 18 original paintings and photographs of 4 original sculptures.

21) This macabre and humorous tarot by Gianni Maiotti was published in 1987 by Il Meneghello, in a limited edition of 2,500 copies.

22) Although illustrated by Gaucinto Gaudenzi -- who also created the Decameron Tarot -- the title of this deck is a hommage to another artist, whose style Gaudenzi recreates in this 1990, majors-only deck.

23) This Dal Negro offering was illustrated by the 1997 Nobel Laureate in literature; the tarot also bears the artist's name.

24) Each copy of this stunning collage deck is painstakingly assembled by artist Alexandra Genetti, creator of the "Wheel of Change" tarot. (NOTE: the card shown at left is the 8 of Cups.)

25) This majors-only deck was self-published by artist Michael Roman, in a limited edition of 300 copies.

  1. "The Unicorn Tarot"
  2. "Tarot of the Gnomes"
  3. Originally published as a majors-only, limited edition tarot called "i Tarocchi Lanzichenecchi," the deck was expanded to a full 78-card format and republished under the (English) title, "Tarots of the Renaissance."
  4. Also known as the "Jonathan Dee" tarot, this deck is also called the "Barnes and Noble" tarot because of its inclusion in a special boxed book-and-deck version that was distributed through the Barnes and Noble bookstores.
  5. "The (Yoshitaka) Amano Tarot"
  6. "Tarot of Casanova"
  7. "il Tarocco delleVetrate" (Stained Glass Tarot)
  8. "Quester Tarot"
  9. "Tarot du Roy Nissanka"
  10. "il Tarocco Mitologico" (Mythological Tarot)
  11. "Rock and Roll Tarot"
  12. "Napoleon Historical Tarot" (the other Napoleonic tarot by Menegazzi is simply called the "Napoleonic Tarot" or "Tarot de Napoleon")
  13. Tarot Rhenan
  14. "i Tarocchi del Cinema" (Cinema Tarot)
  15. "Tarot of Saint Jacques"
  16. "i 22 Arcani Fiabeschi"
  17. "Le Tarot Mystique"
  18. "Tarot de la Rea"
  19. "Tarot Pumariega"
  20. "Dovillo Brero Tarot"
  21. "Tarocco dell'Orror"
  22. "Tarot Durer"
  23. "Tarocchi di Dario Fo"
  24. "Jumbledance Tarot"
  25. "Tarot 22"


0 - 3 correct: You really need to expand your tarot collection!
4 - 7 correct: You have a good, basic familiarity with the world of tarot
8 - 12 correct: Well done! You are definitely well-versed in a wide variety of decks!
13 - 20 correct: Your knowledge of tarot decks reveals you to be a truly serious tarot enthusiast
21 - 25 correct: Congratulations! You've earned the title of "tarot expert"

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