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Tarot Garden Website News:
Information about our recent upgrades

Click here if you wish to jump to the "Addenda" section, where you can review the latest additional information about our account system functionality.

Greetings one and all! As always, we're pleased that you've decided to spend some time with us. Whether this is your first time browsing our site, or you're a frequent visitor, you'll want to be aware of the changes we've been implementing.

During periods when we are upgrading our site, there may be periodic "downtime" or temporary loss of functionality of some features. We do appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the various "quirks" inherent in the process.

Most of our upgrades are tied to our customer account system. It is not necessary to set up an online account in order to browse our database or shop with us. But, by necessity, we need to keep track of a few more details if you want us to hold on to any information for you, such as tracking your personal tarot collection, taking preorders and backorders, and any other reference features that require longer-term storage of data. A couple of important points about our account system:

  • There is no charge to set up a Tarot Garden account. For more information on Tarot Garden accounts, please see our new Accounts FAQ page.

  • The "Accounts" and shopping cart portions of our website are secure. Our site certificate is signed by DigiCert. Most browsers will confirm that you are on a secure page by displaying some sort of symbol, such as a closed padlock, somewhere within the borders or toolbars of your browser window. If you see this symbol when you are viewing pages of our site that are used to transmit personal information, you can be assured that your information is being transmitted in an encrypted and secure fashion.

If you experience problems with the online shopping cart, or simply prefer a more "personal" level of service, you are more than welcome to place your order by email by directing inquires to sales@tarotgarden.com, or by phone at (515) 224.7654 (we're in the U.S. Central Time Zone).


  • 15 December 2011: Altered the "Gift Certificate" listing in the online Boutique so that the "Add to Cart" button reads "Purchase Gift Certificate". The newly-renamed button takes the user to a special form, separate from the shopping cart page, for entering the unique ordering information required for properly processing gift certificate purchases.

  • 15 December 2011: Modified the shopping cart screen to display any discount eCoupons or credits specifically recorded for an individual customer's account (does not include general discount promotional codes that may be generally advertised). Customer may refer to the list for the coupon number, amount of discount, and discount expiration date, and enter the desired coupon into the eCoupon box provided on the screen (one coupon per order).
  • 12 May 2011: Made modifications to the user settings screens and database search features to correct for problems caused by input containing quotes or apostrophes.

  • 7 October 2010: Modified the account "History" screen to provide more details on the status of an order. More in-depth information is provided on the processing status of the order, as well as notations regarding any problems, such as the order being held pending an imminent restock or because of a declined credit card.

  • 24 September 2009: Modified the backorders screen to add the following features: 1) "Price" column for available titles now displays the item's actual price, rather than "TBA". 2) Clicking on titles in the backorder list will now open a window displaying our database information for that title.

  • 23 September 2009: Fixed the Boutique "Gift Alert" system. Prior to the corrections, the Gift Alert button had totally ceased to function. The Gift Alert button now correctly brings up the Gift Alert form, and forwards the information to the intended recipient as intended.

  • 23 September 2009: Corrected the code for displaying the Blue Book values for available items. Prior to this correction, attempts to access the Blue Blue screen from the buttons provided with the database listings resulted in a blank screen with an SQL error at the top.

  • 22 September 2009: Added the following links to the account Search Service listing screen, for easier access to important reference/FAQ information: "Price Cap" column heading now links to the Price Cap information page; "Condition Req." column heading now links to the Deck Condition information page; individual deck titles are now links to their listings in our online database.

  • 21 September 2009: Found and fixed a coding error that was causing orders for our business-to-business partners to be recorded into the system with improper discount amounts.

  • 20 September 2009: Modified the Search Service system so that when a sought-after title is found, availability notices are sent to all qualifying search requests in the queue. Previously, notices were sent out to requesters one-at-a-time, beginning with the earliest qualifying request, until a buyer was found. However, this approach turned out to be extremely inefficient, due to high attrition and non-response rates. Now, when a title becomes available, it is sold on a first-come, first serve basis. Purchases are completed through the requester's personal Search Service listing page, not the online Boutique, in order to avoid situations where non-requesters "discover" the title as available in the Boutique, and purchase it before any of our Search Service requesters have a chance to respond. Such items, though available until purchased by one of our requesters, will remain listed as "Unavailable" in our online database.

  • 19 September 2009: Modified the backorder system to allow for titles that can no longer be obtained through our distribution sources. Now, if we are unable to restock a title, our system will send out a notice to inform you that the backordered item is permanently unavailable. Your account backorders screen will show the title as "Cancelled; unable to restock". (In contrast, backorders that are manually cancelled by you will be marked "Cancelled at your request".) The email you receive notifying you of our cancellation will include a link to the unavailable title in our database, so that you may pull up the listing and submit a Search Service request for the title in place of the backorder, if you wish.

  • 19 September 2009: Added an option to the checkout screen, allowing shoppers to indicate whether any items in their order that may be unavailable should be moved to their personal backorder notification lists, or whether the inavailability of any item(s) should trigger a cancellation of the entire order. This is a followup mechanism to provide additional functionality after our adjustments to the checkout process (see second note for 15 September 2009, below, for further information).

  • 15 September 2009: Adjusted the shopping cart checkout screen to display the expiration date and last four digits of the credit card on file, for credit card users. This will allow customers to verify that the card currently on file their online accounts are the correct ones to use for the order. If the credit card expiration date on file is earlier than the current month/year, a warning message is displayed. Your order will still go through, but you will have to update your credit card information on file before we can process and ship it.

  • 15 September 2009: Adjusted our shopping cart system so that it is no longer possible for casual or experimenting shoppers to "hold" items in their shopping cart indefinitely. The system is now first-come, first serve at checkout; the system will not restrict the quantities in the shopping cart based on whether other shoppers have placed the same items into their carts. The "downside" of this approach is that our system may allow you to check out with a higher quantity of a title in your cart than we currently have available. Obviously, we will not charge customers for the ordered quantities if we cannot provide them; we will adjust the orders accordingly before processing credit card charges (or refund overpayments to PayPal customers).

  • 13 December 2008: Due to continued incompatiblity with certain platform/browser combinations that we have been unable to pinpoint, we have altered the shopping cart system so that a Tarot Garden account is no longer needed to place an online order. The adjustments also allow users with accounts to log in as part of the check-out process, rather than jumping back to log in and then manually maneuvering back to the shopping cart screen again. Furthermore, customers who do not have accounts but wish to create one can now create the account as part of the checkout process, also without having to maneuver back to the shopping cart manually.

  • 19 November 2008: Corrected a long-standing bug wherein shipment confirmation email messages sent to buyers did not always provide the correct final order cost information. The final order total quoted in that email is now accurate; prior to the fix, the discounts applied from eCoupons were not properly subtracted from the amount quoted, although our internal system was applying the discounts properly so that customers were not overcharged.

  • 17 July 2008: Found and corrected an error that was deterring users from adding certain titles to their account wish lists. All users should now be able to add as many wish list items as desired.

  • 21 March 2008: FINALLY! We have been able to reproduce one of the redirect problems encountered by a small segment of our site visitors -- namely, some URL "not found" errors that most frequently surfaced when account holders used the deletion or cancel functions on some of their personal lists (preorders, backorders, wish lists, etc.). Having at last reproduced the problem, it didn't actually take long to solve it. We encourage users to continue to inform Jeannette at info@tarotgarden.com or jkr@tarotgarden.com if you receive any unexpected error messages when navigating our website.

  • 16 March 2008: A "wish list" feature has been implemented for Tarot Garden account holders. When you are logged into your Tarot Garden account, a heart icon with an "Add to Wish List" button will appear next to each entry in any Boutique listing. Clicking this button will add the title to your personal wish list. Each account holder has been assigned a unique numerical code (displayed above your wish list on the Wish List screen) that can be provided to others who want to use your wish list information to select and purchase items on your behalf (for example, as a birthday or holiday gift, or as a trade item). We made the decision to make wish lists available to others only if they possess the proper wish list code, for confidentiality reasons -- that is, your wish list is not accessible by your name or any other personal information that you may not wish to disclose to others. Furthermore, when using your personal wish list code to display your wish list, only your initials and general geographic location are provided as confirmation of your identity. This is intended to prevent casual site visitors or spammers from entering random codes and pulling up usable personal information to identify you. Full details on the wish list feature are available on our Account FAQ page.

  • 15 March 2008: USPS tracking information has been added to customer order records. The tracking number will be included in the order confirmation email sent to the address registered with your Tarot Garden online account. A clickable link with the tracking information is now also available on your account 'History' screen. This number is available for USPS trackable orders shipped on or after 10 March 2008. Please note that tracking is not insurance; if a package is lost, we cannot do more beyond supplying the tracking number already provided  if you did not request insurance. Furthermore, tracking information may not be available for international orders once the package leaves the U.S. However, the tracking number may be usable by the postal service of the destination country; check with your local post office to learn what extended tracking options may be available to you.

  • 13 March 2008: In order to better manage the number of requests we've received regarding the likely market value of particular titles, we have begun to implement a 'Bluebook' feature in our database. When logged into your Tarot Garden account and browsing the database (not the Boutique), a 'View Bluebook Value' button will now be available. Clicking this button will bring up information on the Tarot Garden's bluebook appraisal for that title. As of this writing, this feature is too new for us to have updated many of our database entries to include this information. The bluebook data will become more complete as time goes along. Please refer to our FAQ entry on this topic for more information and caveats related to this feature.

  • 13 March 2008: The online collection tracker now has a field where you may enter the assessed value of items in your collection list, and a link that generates the collection list in a report format specially suited for hardcopy printouts. In addition, a checkbox has been added to the shopping cart checkout screen that will allow you to indicate that the items in your shopping cart should be added to your collection list automatically.

  • 26 September 2007: Our referal / partnership program is now up-and-running. For more information on this mega-cool feature, you can read a quick overview on our Account FAQ page by clicking here.

  • 9 June 2007: Our online backorders feature is now available! For re-orderable items that are out-of-stock, Tarot Garden account holders no longer have to send an email to Jeannette to request that they be placed on the restock "notify" list. Simply log into your Tarot Garden account, look up the out-of-stock item in our online Boutique, and click the "Submit Backorder" button. You will be asked how many copies you want to put on backorder, and then... voil√°! You are instantly added to the "notify" list. Once you receive your availablity notification, you can then go to your "Backorders" screen and click the "Add to Cart" button for that item. You can also cancel backorder requests from the "Backorders" screen, or review the status of past and current backorders. Also on the "Backorders" screen (as well as below the "Submit Backorders" button displayed with out-of-stock titles) is a "View Log" button. Clicking the "View Log" button will provide a list of entries regarding the progress on restocking the item (if available).

  • 9 June 2007: Corrected a problem with the login screen that was preventing the system from being "case sensitive" to user's login names.

  • 4 April 2007: Added a feature to the Search Service submission form that shows how many other requests are already in the queue (as of that time) for the selected title.

  • 18 February 2007: Huzzah! We've now integrated preorders into the online account system. If you log into your Tarot Garden account, you can use the "Submit Preorder" button next to any pre-orderable listing to get your request (for one or more copies) into the queue. You can also cancel existing preorder requests online. The "Preorders" link, available when you are logged in and within the "Accounts" section of our website, will get you to your preorder history, and allow you to manage active preorder requests. Preorders will, for the time being, also still be accepted by email for those who do not want to set up an online account. But if things get too tricky to juggle, we may ultimately require online accounts for persons who want to take advantage of our special preorder pricing for forthcoming titles.

  • 29 November 2006: A problem with our shopping cart redirect from the PayPal service seems to be fixed. Prevously, customers using our online cart and paying by PayPal were directed to a non-existent URL after payment had been issued. Users should now be correctly redirected to their Tarot Garden account menu page once the system leaves the PayPal site.

  • 4 September 2006: We seem to have fixed some of the problems that were interferring with proper operation of some of our site features for visitors using the Mozilla "Firefox" browser. The Boutique "Add to Cart" buttons and the "Submit" button on the search service request form now seem to move the user on to the proper next step. Other (somewhat less serious) problems seem to persist, however, such as the opening of unneeded new windows during the checkout process. We will continue to address Firefox interface problems at time permits.

  • 21 August 2006: The beta version of our online collection tracker is now implemented. While we plan to add more features over time, the basic function of this tool is now available for use. When you are logged into your Tarot Garden account, all entries in our database will display an "Add to Collection List" button. Clicking this button will include the deck in your personal, online record of decks owned. You can access the list from any account screen by clicking the "Collection" link on the "Account" sub-navigation bar. The list is currently sorted alphabetically by title; other sort options may be added over time. User-modifiable fields include "# of Copies Owned" and "Notes."

  • 19 August 2006: We've located two different causes of our shopping cart checkout problem. The first is the Firefox browser, which seems to be misreading our header redirect instructions. As we're not sure how to fix this problem at the moment, we can only recommend that customers making online purchases using our shopping cart should use broswer software other than Firefox. The second cause is external frames -- in particular, frames left by Aeclectic Tarot and certain Google pages above our site pages. We have begun to implement code that removes these frames before the user reaches the checkout screen, but as we have not been able to adjust the code for all affected pages, please be aware that you should take advantage of any "remove this frame" links provided by the offending frames before proceeding to our checkout screen.

  • 29 March 2006: The "Readings by Dan" service has now been rolled into the account system, so that customers may request and pay for readings through their Tarot Garden account, and review a complete history of all request results online. For more information, visit our Services FAQ page.

  • 27 March 2006: Huzzah! We have at last reactivated our "Card Credits" bonus program catalog. Customers who have set up an online account with us AND indicated in their "Settings" screen that they wish to participate in this program may now use the "Bonus Pts" link from any account screen to review the bonus program catalog and make selections. Selections made from the Card Credits catalog are added to the online shopping cart, just like regular purchases, but will display the point cost rather than a dollar value. Note that enrollments received for the beta version of the "Card Credits" program are NOT automatically rolled into the new account system. If you have not set up a Tarot Garden account under the new system, you will be unable to take advantage of the Card Credits program. For more information on the Card Credits program, see our "Accounts" FAQ page.

  • 25 March 2006: We have rolled our search service into our Account system. Now, in order to submit a search request, you must be logged into your Tarot Garden account, and use the new "Submit Search Request" button that is automatically displayed with qualifying entries in our database. More information on our search service can be found on our Services FAQ page.

  • 23 March 2006: A bug in the account "Settings" screen has been corrected. After selecting (or changing) a credit card expiration date, the selected expiration year information was being transmitted correctly. However, when the information was retrieved for later display, the display incorrectly added 3 years to the stored data. Credit card expiration years now display accurately on the "Settings" screen.

  • 22 March 2006: The shipping calculations used for the pre-checkout shopping cart screen have been updated so that a more accurate shipping estimate is reflected for non-U.S. customers. Prior to the adjustment, the shipping cost displayed reflected an estimate based on a U.S. destination. Now, the pre-checkout screen displays a shipping estimate for overseas buyers that matches the shipping estimate on the final checkout screen.

  • 22 March 2006: The bug mentioned in the 10 March 2006 fix did not include a fix to the email that was sent out after the order was submitted. Although the customer confirmation email displayed the correct order total, the discounted items still displayed at their undiscounted prices. The email has been adjusted to correctly display the discounted prices for the individual items, as well as being reflected in the order total.

  • 10 March 2006: We have located and corrrected a bug that was preventing sale items from being added to the shopping cart at their discounted price. Now when sales items are selected for purchase, the sale price will be displayed rather than the retail price.

  • 6 December 2005: The "History" link is now functional for online accounts. We are in the process of entering all past, non-shopping-cart orders for established customers who have set up their online account. Despite the checkout problems noted above, the order "History" link is now functional, and appears to be working without problems for all site visitors.

  • 6 December 2005: A number of customers have experienced problems when attempting to check out after filling their shopping cart. Our system will insist that the customer is not logged in, even if he or she has logged in without logging out several times. We have made some adjustments that have lessened the frequency of this problem, but we are still receiving a few reports from customers for whom the problem persists. We are continuing to try and determine what is causing these last "holdout" instances of this error, but in the meantime, anyone experiencing checkout problems should contact us to let us know. If you successfully set up your Tarot Garden online account, we can process your order manually. All we need is an email sent to sales@tarotgarden.com, or a call to Jeannette at 515.224.7654, stating the items you wish to order, and we'll have your decks on your way to you immediately.

Once again, if you have questions or comments about our site, please visit our FAQ pages, or write or call us anytime!

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