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Account FAQ


Q: Why should I set up a Tarot Garden "account?"

A: Our "accounts" feature is our method of expanding our services to, and improving our efficiency for, our customers. While we have been operating since Feburary 2001, our "account" feature wasn't available until late 2005. Up to that point, we'd operated primarily by email and phone to service our customers and site visitors.

By setting up an account through our website, you'll be able to shop with us completely online, and have access to more information about your orders than in the past. We will also be adding new programs and features that you won't be able to partipcate in unless you create a Tarot Garden account. In brief, your Tarot Garden account will allow you to not only to shop with us, but to enjoy many other unique benefits and services designed exclusively with tarot lovers in mind!

Q: Are there any fees associated with setting up a Tarot Garden account?

A: No. It's completely free to set up an account online with us. Once your account has been established, you may wish to take advantage of some of the services we offer through your account, where costs may be involved (the most obvious example being our online shopping system). But there is no cost to establish or maintain an account with us at this time.

Should we decide, for some reason, to start charging a fee to maintain your Tarot Garden account, you will be notified, and allowed to close your account, before any charges are incurred. But as long as Jeannette and Dan are in charge, there won't be any cost to simply establish and maintain an account with us.

Q: Is your site secure? Will the information I send be protected from theft?

The "Accounts" and shopping cart portions of our website are secure. Our site certificate is signed by DigiCert. Most browsers will confirm that you are on a secure page by displaying some sort of symbol, such as a closed padlock, somewhere within the borders or toolbars of your browser window. If you see this symbol when you are viewing pages of our site that are used to transmit personal information, you can be assured that your information is being transmitted in an encrypted and secure fashion, according to industry standards.

Q: How do I use my Tarot Garden account to place an order online?

Once you are logged into your Tarot Garden account, you can select titles for purchase from our online Boutique by clicking the "Add to Cart" button next to the item's listing. Once you are done shopping, you can view the contents of your cart (if not already displayed) by clicking the "Cart" link located near the upper right-hand corner of most of our database and boutique pages. The shopping cart page has a "Checkout" button you will use to review, and then finalize, your order.

If the "Add to Cart" button is not displayed, the item may be out of stock, or you may be looking at the item in the "database" view. For more information on the difference between the Tarot Garden database and boutique views, view this FAQ.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you attempt to check out, and our system repeatedly says that you are not logged into your account, when you are certain you have logged in, then your browser is experiencing a cookie problem. If you are viewing our website as a "frame" within the context of another website (such as Aeclectic Tarot or Google), then remove the outer "foriegn" frame, and try checking out again. If you continue to experience problems, write or call Jeannette at or 515.224.7654, or use our special, secure, non-account single order page, available here.

Q: How do I use my Tarot Garden account to preorder a future release?

When publishers provide us with an opportunity to order forthcoming titles in advance, we offer you the same opportunity, at a savings! By preordering an announced future release through the Tarot Garden, you'll receive a discount of 10 - 20% (depending on the title) off of the retail price, and also receive a 10% discount on any non-preorder, in stock titles shipped with a preorder title.

Our list of upcoming releases available for preorder is available at this link. By clicking on the linked information next to the "Status" heading for any title of interest, you can view our database listing for that title. If the preorder period for the title has not expired, you can (if you are logged into your Tarot Garden account) click the button marked "Submit Preorder" to add the title to your preorder list. You can also access the full list of preorder titles in our database by selecting "Preorder titles" next to the heading "Tarot Garden Inventory Status" on our advanced search page.

You can review and/or cancel existing preorders using the "Preorder" link available on most of your Tarot Garden account screens. When you receive your email announcement that your preorder title(s) has (have) arrived, you can log into your Tarot Garden account and proceed to your "Preorders" screen to add the item to your shopping cart at the advertised preorder discount. The 10% "add on" discount for other items (if any) you elect to purchase and have shipped with your preorder item(s) will be automatically applied by our system before you check out.

NOTE: Since we generally attempt to fulfill all of our preorders before placing new titles into our online Boutique for general purchase, you can initially only add preorder items to your online shopping cart through the "Preorders" screen. If you wait until the item is added to our online Boutique and then make your purchase through the Boutique listing (as opposed to from your Preorders screen), our system will not provide you with the preorder discount or add-on discount for additional items. After the item is added to the online Boutique, you may still be able to purchase the item for the preorder price for a period of time through your Preorders screen. But  eventually, preorder pricing will expire after the title is made available to the general shopping public through our Boutique.

Q: How do I use my Tarot Garden account to backorder an out-of-stock title?

You must be logged into your Tarot Garden account to backorder a title. If the title you want is out-of-stock, but remains in print (to the best of our knowledge) and re-orderable, a button labeled "Submit Backorder" will appear next to the title's listing. If the "Submit Backorder" button is not displayed, then the title is not re-orderable, or you may be viewing the item in the "database" view. For more information on the difference between the Tarot Garden database and boutique views, view this FAQ.

If the "Submit Backorder" button is displayed, click the button to indicate the number of copies you'd like to backorder, and the title will be added to your "Backorders" list. You can review and manage your backorders (including cancelling a backorder) by using the "Backorders" link, available on most Tarot Garden account screens. When your backordered title becomes available again, you will receive a notification by email; you can then log into your account and use the "Backorders" link to review your available backorders, which will display an "Add to Cart" button next to each available backordered title in your list.

If you would like more information on the reorder status of a backordered title, use the "View Log" button. The "View Log" button can be found on both the Boutique screen (under the "Submit Backorder" button) and your personal "Backorders" screen, next to any backorders that are still pending. Not all titles may have information in their backorder logs.

Q: How can I build a "wish list" of titles I hope to purchase in the future?

A: In response to numerous requests, we're pleased to announce that as of 16 March 2008, we have finally implemented a personal "wish list" feature that can be used by anyone who has a Tarot Garden online account. To add an item to your wish list, simply locate the item in our online Boutique, then click the button below the small heart icon that reads "Add to Wish List." Items must be added from the Boutique view, and can not be added to the list from the database view. So yes - this means that items not available via our Boutique cannot be added to wish lists. This feature is intended to expedite your shopping experience with us, or that of family and friends shopping for you (see "Can other people access my wish list" below); therefore, we have limited the wish list to items we stock, or have a possibility of restocking in the future.

To review and manage your wish list, simply navigate to one of your Account screens, then use the "Wish List" link on the navigation sub-bar. On the wish list management screen, you can delete items from your list, or, if the item is in stock, you may add the item to your shopping cart from this screen.

If you use the wish list screen to add an item to your shopping cart, and then complete your order online, the item will automatically be removed from your wish list (on the theory that having bought the item, you no longer need to "wish" for it -- although if you want additional copies, you can certainly add it to your wish list again).

You can add out-of-stock items to your wish list, as long as they remain listed in our Boutique. If the stock status of an item changes -- in particular, if we change the status of an entry from "Boutique" to "Unavailable" after determining the titles is not reorderable -- the item may remain on your wish list, but you will not be able to add it to your shopping cart.

NOTE: You must be logged into your Tarot Garden account to see and use the "Add to Wish List" button.

Q: Can other people access my wish list?

A: Yes. We have set up a method by which other people can access your wish list with your permission, while at the same time striving to retain confidentiality of your personal information. Here's how you can help family and friends select the perfect decks for you from our online Boutique, for birthday or holiday gift-giving, or for trading arrangements:

When you are logged into your Tarot Garden account and viewing your Wish List screen, a "personal wish list code" (PWLC) number will be displayed in large type above your wish list. You can provide this number to anyone whom you want to allow access to your wish list.

Others may then use your PWLC when browsing our online Boutique. Using the "Wish Lists" link on the Boutique navigation subbar at the top of the screen will display a submittal form asking for the PWLC. By entering the PWLC where indicated and clicking the "Show Wish List" button, the Boutique listing will then be limited to displaying only items on your personal wish list (until such time as the user exits the Boutique or selects another search criteria).

As a confirmation to the user that the proper PWLC code has been entered and the correct wish list is being displayed, your initials and general geographic region will be displayed at the top of the listing. Neither your full name nor any other account details will be displayed, to prevent casual site surfers and hackers from using the Wish List option in the Boutique to obtain usable personal information to identify or contact you. Your PWLC can only be used to provide this specialized Boutique listing; it cannot be used to directly access your account information or further personal details about you.

If a user purchases an item from your wish list online, that item will not be removed from your wish list. After all, the buyer may want the purchase to be a gift -- and we wouldn't want to spoil the surprise! Therefore, you will be responsible for removing the title from your wish list yourself, after you receive it.

Q: Is a Tarot Garden account required to access my wish list?

A: No. As long as a person has your Personal Wish List Code (PWLC), that person can go to any Boutique screen and use the "Wish List" link provided to enter your code and access your wish list. A Tarot Garden account is required, however, for anyone wanting to make a purchase from your list using our online shopping cart. But, alternatively, orders can be placed by email or phone, or online without an account through our secure single/special order submittal page at this link.

Q: What is your "Card Credits" (bonus) program?

A: The Tarot Garden bonus program is our way of saying "thanks for your business!" This program, called "Card Credits," is now active (as of 27 March 2006). You can elect to participate in the Card Credits program when you first set up your Tarot Garden account, or at a later date, and you may withdraw from the program at any time. There is no charge to participate.

Once enrolled in the program, you will receive 1 point of credit for every US$ 10 worth of purchases. Qualifying purchases may be made from our online Boutique, by email or phone, or through other venues where we may occasionally offer products (such as eBay or ABEBooks). Points may then be redeemed for special gifts offered through our Card Credits catalog (available online only). Card Credit "purchases" may be added to your online shopping cart, just as any "regular" product purchase, but will be charged against your point balance, rather than being assigned an actual dollar value.

People who have enrolled in the Card Credits program prior to 27 March 2006 will be credited for all past purchases made while the program was offline (minus any points already spent while the program was in the beta-test phase). Enrollments received after 27 March 2006 will only be credited for past purchases up to 60 days prior to their enrollment.

Q: What is your partnership / referral program?

A: The Tarot Garden partnership / referral program is your opportunity to earn referral fees or credits by helping people to find our website. If you are a member of this program, and a site visitor reaches our website via a link from your website and makes a purchase, you'll receive a percentage of the sale. There is no charge to participate in this program, although certain restrictions may apply. You can enroll in the program when you initially set up your Tarot Garden account, or at a later time by changing your preferences in your account "Settings" screen. Full instructions for participation are provided at time of enrollment.

Q: I've done business with you in the past, and enjoy the personal service. Do I have to use your online shopping cart to make my purchases from now on?

A: No. While we do recommend that you establish an account with us for future purchases (to take advantage of our new site features, online shopping, and more), it certainly isn't a requirement. If you wish to continue ordering from us by email or phone, your orders are always welcome anytime.

However, if you wish to take advantage of our "Card Credits" program (explained in the section titled "What is your 'Card Credits' program?" above), you will need to create a Tarot Garden account, as we will no longer handle order requests for Card Credit "purchases" manually now that we have integrated the Card Credits program into our account system.

Q: What other services are available with a Tarot Garden account?

A: While the initial development phase of our account system has been focused on enhancing your shopping experience with us, we will be adding more "fun" features as time progresses. As of this writing (16 March 2008), our shopping cart, preorders, backorders, order history, bonus program (a.k.a. "Card Credits"), readings, search service, bluebook value reference information, wish list feature, partnership / referral program, and an early version of our collection tracker are available through the account system. In future upgrades, we will integrate new features into the collection tracker, and options for dealer-to-dealer / wholesale accounts. Finally, we will be adding other services and features, including a virtual tarot "trading game." The possibilities will only be limited by our imaginations -- and how much time Jeannette has to spend programming it all.

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