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Services FAQ


Q: What is the Tarot Garden mailing list?

A: When you request that we add your name to our mailing list, you will receive periodic Tarot Garden news updates via e-mail. (At present, our mailing list information is available via e-mail only.) Mailing list members often receive information not made available to the general public via our website, including more detailed information on Boutique selections, special Tarot Garden offers, and great information on Tarot Collecting!

In our new account-based system, mailing list enrollments and "un-subscribes" can be handled through your Tarot Garden account. If you wish to be added to our mailing list without setting up a Tarot Garden account, you can use our old subscription request page available by clicking here.

Q: What is the Tarot Garden search service?

A: Our search service is the method by which we attempt to assist our customers in locating decks of interest to them that are not already available from the Tarot Garden by other means. Before using the search service, we recommend that you search our database to see if the selection you want is already listed as being available for immediate purchase or by special order.

Those site visitors who have used our search service in the past will want to be aware that as of 25 March 2006, we have rolled our search service into our new account system. This means that we will no longer accept "discrete" search requests through our old submittal form. Instead, you must create a Tarot Garden account, so that our system can record all your requests in one easily accessible location. By making the search service a part of our overall account system, we will be able to increase efficiency and keep better track of the numerous important details for each and every request. There is no charge to set up a Tarot Garden account, and you do not have to use any of our other services, such as the online shopping feature, to maintain your account. You can jump to our Account FAQ page by clicking here.

Q: How do I submit a search service request?

A: You can only submit search requests for those items in our database marked with an inventory status of "Unavailable." When searching our database, each listing classified as "Unavailable" will automatically display a special "Submit Search Request" button. If you are logged into your Tarot Garden account, you only need to click this button and follow the onscreen directions. Past searches can be reviewed, edited, or cancelled via the "Searches" link in the "Accounts" sub-bar when you are navigating the "Account" areas of our website.

Q: Are there fees to use the search service?

A: We do not charge a fee to undertake a search, and if we locate the item you are seeking, there is no obligation to buy. The search service is run on the equivalent of a "contingency basis." If we are able to locate the title you want, and you agree to purchase it, the fees for our service are then added into the final quoted sales price.

Q: How likely is it that you'll be able to find the deck I want?

A: The likelihood of our succeeding in a search depends, of course, on numerous factors -- most particularly the rarity of the deck. We already have search service waiting lists for many of the most popular hard-to-find and rare decks, meaning that we may have to locate several copies before we can offer one to you. It is possible that we may not be able to accommodate your request at all. In other cases, we've been successful in locating items long after the original request was submitted; if you do not indicate a time limit on your request, you may receive a notification of availability literally years after you first submitted your request.

Also, please note that in cases where we have numerous long-standing requests for a deck, or many requests on file that were received at about the same time (which, surprisingly, isn't uncommon), we reserve the right to make the deck available via auction rather than offering it to a particular individual on the waiting list.

Q: I submitted a search request, but never received a reply or confirmation -- why?

A: With the implementation of our new account-based tracking system, this should be less of a problem than in the past. As long as you can see your search request in your searches history screen, we can see it, too -- so you'll know that your search has been received, and that we're on the job. We most likely will NOT send you a followup message to the automated acknowledgment you will receive, unless we have questions or require clarification of your needs. We may, however, make our own annotations to your request online, depending on whether we have any information that we believe you might find useful. And if we actually locate a copy of the item that meets your criteria, however, we WILL send you an email notification, as well as making the appropriate notations to the online request record.

For searches submitted prior to 25 March 2006, through the old "manual request form" system, the information below explains why some search requests may not have received a personal followup message after the initial automated confirmation:

While we do endeavor to reply to every request received, sometimes we get a literal flood of requests, and it becomes difficult to reply individually to every one within our 72-hour target timeframe.

However, there have been many instances where we have replied to requests -- in some cases, several times -- and yet continue to receive messages from customers inquiring on the status of their request. In these cases, we've determined that the cause of the problem is that our emails are simply not "getting through." If you have spam filtering technology in your email program, you may wish to verify that our messages aren't being accidentally redirected to your "spam" folder. There have also been a few instances that no matter how carefully we double-check or how hard we try, our replies to the email information we have simply "bounce back" to us without being delivered. If you have not received an acknowledgement of your request and need further information, you may also try calling us at 515.224.7654 (U.S. Central Time Zone).

Q: What sorts of readings services do you offer?

A: We can provide tarot readings through your online Tarot Garden account on request. Tarot Garden co-owner Dan Pelletier personally conducts the reading for each and every request. Two "spread" options are available: a 5-card reading, and a more detailed 7-card reading. When the results are ready, you will receive a notification email, after which you can log into your Tarot Garden account, use the "Readings" link to access your readings history screen. On the readings history screen, all current and past reading requests will be available for online review by clicking the button provided for each reading. The reading results page will display the cards drawn and the complete text of Dan's narrative. Followup questions regarding the reading, if any, may be directed to Dan at the email address provided at the bottom of the results screen.

NOTE: This is a professional, for-charge service. When you request a reading, our system will process payment using the payment method you selected when you set up (or last edited) your online account.

Q: Do you buy tarots, or accept consignment sales?

A: Yes, although our acquisitions and consignment services will be of most use to those selling hard-to-find imports or out-of-print decks. We usually cannot offer a substantial enough price for in-print titles (especially those widely available in the U.S.) to make the use of our services worthwhile for such decks. However, if you have a deck you wish to sell -- or have us sell for you -- please write to with the title(s) of the item(s) you wish to sell, and we'll reply with further information on our services and options.

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