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Boutique FAQ


Q: What is the Tarot Garden Boutique?

A: The Boutique is our listing of for-sale tarots. We strive to offer the widest and most interesting variety of tarots available for purchase anywhere, from popular in-print titles to extremely rare and valuable collectors' decks.

Q: Why is the Boutique divided up into sections? What is the difference between the sections?

A: In order to differentiate between our selections from a collector's perspective, we have created five different sections within our Boutique. The sections, and their general focus, are as follows:

  • Popular. These are typically in-print (or only recently out-of-print) selections, usually released and / or distributed by major publishing houses, in the $10 - $50 range. We do carry a wide variety of imported titles in this section which are often harder-to-find in the United States -- including selections from France, Italy, Germany, and Japan. When a particular title in the "Popular" section is sold out, it most often -- although not always -- can and will be reordered.

  • Independent / Small Press. These are decks in a wide variety of price ranges that have either been self-published by the artist, or by a very small publishing firm with limited distribution. Many of our Small Press selections are limited editions. We are proud to offer these often little-known gems in one great location for your shopping convenience!

  • Gallery. Although we do offer a few of the harder-to-find in-print titles in this section, most of our Gallery listings represent out-of-print or limited edition selections in the $40 - $150 range. Often, Gallery selections will have been relatively widely distributed in some market (not necessarily in in North America, however) before they went out-of-print. A large percentage of our Gallery selections were published outside of North America. Although we may begin with several copies of a title when it is first listed in our Boutique, Gallery selections are less likely to be re-orderable once our stock is depleted.

  • 5-Star Salon. Our exclusive listings of famous and rare tarots for collectors. Most come from limited editions, from print runs that are sometimes as low as 10 copies or fewer. We occasionally offer one-of-a-kind decks in this section. Prices range from $100 on up. Often we only have one or two copies to offer of a 5-Star selection. These selections are almost never re-orderable. Our sale copy (or copies) is (are) frequently obtained on the "secondary market," as is often necessary with rare selections -- meaning that they have been preowned. Others are obtained directly from the artists themselves by special arrangement.

  • Gifts / Other. A "miscellaneous" section listing tarot-related items, such as books, tarot software, and tarot accessories.

Q: What is a "Gift Alert"?

A: When viewing selections in our Boutique, there is an icon labeled "Gift Alert" that can be used to send the information on that selection to another person. If a selection is sold out, the Gift Alert button will not be available until the item is restocked.

When you elect to send a Gift Alert, you will be asked for the name and e-mail of the person you wish to contact about the deck, as well as your name (your e-mail may be included, but is optional). The specified recipient will receive an e-mail informing them that this is a Tarot Garden selection that you would like to receive. The item title, price, shipping, and insurance costs will be included in the e-mail, and a link for viewing the item in the Boutique will be provided. The Tarot Garden's e-mail is listed as the "Reply To" address in the message, so if the recipient wishes to purchase the item for you, they need only reply to the message to receive payment instructions.

The information collected when you send a Gift Alert is used only for purposes of sending the Gift Alert, and is not used by the Tarot Garden for promotional reasons (unless you have already specifically provided us with permission to do so), nor is it given to any third parties unless required by law.

Q: How Do I Find the Selection I want?

A: If you are looking for a specific tarot or cartomantic deck, use our online database. Our database is directly connected into our Boutique, so that once you locate the item you're looking for, you can see the inventory status of the selection. If the item is noted as being available in our online Boutique, then you can click on the link(s) provided to view the item in the Boutique and to receive price information and/or order the deck.

Q: How Do I Preorder a Title That Hasn't Been Released Yet?

A: As of 18 February 2007, you can now make a preorder request online by simply locating the title of interest in our database (not the "Boutique" view -- the Boutique view only includes items that are in stock, or were in stock but are sold out with a possible reorder pending; see this FAQ for more information on the difference between the Database view and the Boutique view), and clicking the "Submit Preorder" button. BUT -- and this is very important -- you have to have a Tarot Garden account, and be logged into your account, to place preorders online. We will continue to try accepting preorders from people without accounts by email (at for a while, but if it becomes too complex to juggle two preorder lists, we may eventually require that all preorders be submitted through online accounts. We'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone again that our online accounts are secure, confidential, free, and non-spam. For more information on Tarot Garden accounts, refer to our "Account FAQ" page by clicking here.

Q: The item I want is out-of-stock; can you notify me when you have it available again?

A: Yes. As of 10 June 2007, our backorders system is now tied into our account system. For more information, refer to this section of our "Account FAQ" page.

Q: How can I special-order an in-print title that's not currently available through your online Boutique?

A: First, check to make sure that the title is listed as "Special Order" in the listing's database view. If the item is listed as being in our "Boutique," you won't need to special-order it. If the deck is in our Boutique but out-of-stock, just add the item to your backorder list to receive a notification when the deck is in stock again.

If the item is listed in our database as being in our offline inventory, you don't need to special order it; we have at least one copy in stock. Just write us for a price quote.

If the item is listed in our database as "unavailable," we can't special order it. Please use our search service instead, to request that we try to find a copy for you.

If, however, the item is listed in our database as "special order," then you can write to us to inquire further. In most cases, we'll try to pick up the item for you the next time we place a larger order with a supplier that carries the title. However, some titles are only available through very limited channels or sources from which we don't order very often. As such, it can sometimes take many months before we can fulfill special order requests. If you're in a hurry, we can try to expedite your order, but that usually means placing an order with the supplier that is below the ideal "wholesale threshold," which will drastically increase the cost of the item. Therefore, we don't recommend expedited special order requests unless you're in an extreme hurry and willing to pay a higher-than-retail price for the item.

Q: The item I want to buy is listed as being in your "offline inventory" -- what does that mean?

A: The offline inventory is our selection of in-stock titles not currently listed in our Boutique. The reasons that these titles are not included in the Boutique varies, but include: item is preowned/used, the price has not yet been determined, we only have one or two copies of the item but it does not meet the listing criteria for inclusion in our 5-Star Salon... or we just haven't gotten around to "officially" listing it yet! The list of offline inventory items is accessible through the Tarot Garden database. Items marked as "offline inventory" are generally available for immediate sale and shipping.

Q: What if I don't find the deck I'm looking for in the Boutique?

A: If you don't find what you're looking for... don't give up! We may have a copy in our offline inventory, or we may be able to special-order it. If all else fails, try our search service.

Q: I found something that I want to buy -- how to I order and pay for it?

A: We recommend using our online shopping cart. From the Boutique view  (keeping in mind that not all items listed in our informational database are available for sale through our Boutique), click the "Add to Cart" button to place one or more copies into your online shopping cart. Until recently, we required customers to set up an online account with us to finalize and pay for purchases, but as of December 2008, we have modified the system to allow checkout and payment without an account. While we still recommend the account option as the better choice (because of the more complete tracking , history, and service information we can provide if you let us set up a customer file on our server for you), the choice is up to you. We're happy to take your order either way. We can also accept phone orders at 515.224.7654 (we're located in the U.S. Central time zone, but evening and weekend calls are accepted). For information about how to reach us to place orders by email or phone, please visit our Contact information page.

Q: Do you ship to locations outside of the United States? What shipping options do you offer?

A: Yes. We ship to any location that can receive mail through "normal means," but the cost of the selected shipping method, and any requested or required insurance, is added to the total cost of your order. Also, you may have customs fees to pay when your order arrives in your country.

For domestic (U.S.) orders, we generally ship by USPS Priority tracked mail. This service offers the best combination of price and speed. For larger orders that qualify, we may elect to ship by USPS media mail if the shipping charged does not cover the cost of Priority shipment. The maximum shipping charge for any U.S. order is $14, if you are willing to accept shipment by our "default" method of USPS Priority.

For international orders, we generally ship by standard international airmail. We can ship by surface mail -- or, in some instances, Global Priority mail -- upon request, but for various reasons, we believe the "standard" airmail method to be the best option. The cost is determined by the weight of the package and the destination. Our online shopping cart estimates these costs, but the final cost you will be charged will be determined once we've prepared your order for shipment. If you are located in a country where we have had experience of repeated delivery problems, we may request or require that you insure the package or have it sent by registered mail. The cost of these extra services will be added into your total order shipping cost.

We do not ship by UPS, Federal Express, DHL, Airborne, or any non-govermental commercial shipping service except by specific request. In our experience, these services are more expensive, and for most countries, the "standard" airmail options provide adequately reliable service at a lower cost. If you request shipping by another method, the shipping charges of your order will be increased according to the cost of the chosen service.

Q: I'm ordering from outside of the United States. Can you put down that the package is a "gift" and declare a low value for it on the customs form?

A: Not to be rude, but -- c'mon. We are a U.S. corporation, bound by the business laws of this country and that of the U.S. Postal service. It's a federal crime for us to knowingly misrepresent the contents and value of our shipments -- we can get in big trouble for that. In fact, so can you, if your country's customs service inspects your package and finds otherwise. We've learned some countries put the burden of truthful declarations on the receiver (doesn't seem fair, but hey -- we don't make the laws, we just abide by them), and can prosecute the receiver if they feel like it (although admittedly, we've never heard of an instance where they felt like it).

We can assure our customers, however, that we do everything we legally can to minimize or eliminate customs fees whenever possible -- and there are things we can do to accomplish that. Even so, we can't control the customs officials in your country -- which we've found can be subject to their own unfathomable whims, no matter what we do. Some countries just don't apply their customs rules very consistently -- but we do what we can on our end to hopefully minimize your hassles and cost.

Q: When will my package arrive? How can I track my Tarot Garden shipment?

A: We generally process orders very quickly, and 99% of the time, your order will be on its way within 24 hours -- Sundays and holidays excluded. Furthermore, 99% of our domestic (U.S.) shipments arrive within two days after mailing -- again, Sundays and holidays excluded.

Outside of the U.S., delivery times are much harder to predict. Most (about 95%) of our international orders do arrive in two weeks or less. For some destinations, delivery can occur within as little as 4 days. But neither the USPS nor the postal services of any destination countries we've sent to guarantee any particular delivery schedule. Oddly, some of the slowest delivery reports we get are from our next-door neighbors in Canada. Don't ask us why; we thought our countries were on really friendly terms. (*shrug*)

Despite having generally good results with the USPS and the international postal systems, delays can and do occur. We recommend that U.S. customers allow at least one week for delivery, and that customers outside the U.S. allow 30 days, before becoming concerned about the status of their package.

As a further service to our customers, we have now implemented (as of 15 March 2008) a system of documenting available tracking information with each order. All orders sent after 10 March 2008 include this tracking information, if applicable. The tracking number will be provided in the confirming email you receive after your online order is submitted, and can also be accessed by logging into your Tarot Garden account and reviewing the order on your "History" screen. The tracking number displayed on the History screen is a clickable link that will take you directly to the USPS' "Track and Confirm" utility for that order.

For U.S. customers, the tracking number will confirm the date of shipment, and can also show when the package was delivered. For non-U.S. customers, the tracking number information provided depends on how the package was shipped. If we were able to send you the package by Global Priority, the tracking information will confirm the date of shipment, and will also typically document when the package was delivered into the hands of your country's postal system. If we sent your package by standard airmail, the tracking number provided will be the customs form number for your package, and will only confirm the date of shipment. Once a package has been turned over to another country's postal service, the USPS turns the burden of tracking over to that service; we can provide no further information.

If you have delivery concerns for your area, we recommend that you annotate your order in the "Notes" box of the checkout screen to request that your package be sent by registered or insured mail. The cost of any extra shipping services you request will be added to your order. Once we provide proof of shipment (via the tracking information), we will not accept responsibility for the replacement of or refund for items that are lost or damaged in transit.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: We accept most legal payment methods. It is usually easiest to pay us by credit card, or by the popular PayPal online payment service. However, we do accept "mailed" payments -- payment by money order, personal check, or cash (although we don't recommend the latter option, of course). Payment by wire transfer is accepted as well; however, we are often charged hefty fees to receive payments from outside of the U.S. in this fashion. Please be aware that any fees we incur as a result of your selected payment method will be added onto the cost of your order.

It may be possible for us to receive payments from domestic (U.S.) customers by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) at no charge. Please inquire if you are interested in sending payment by EFT.

If you subscribe to another payment service other than PayPal, and you would like to pay us using your preferred online service, simply send us an email at to give us the information, and we'll see if we can get signed up!

Q: Can I order and pay for items with PayPal, without using your online shopping cart?

A: Yes. If you wish to place and pay for an order with us using the PayPal service, and do not wish to use our online shopping cart, simply issue payment to when your are logged into your PayPal account. For U.S. orders, you can use a general shipping cost calculation of $5.00 for the first deck + $1.50 additional for each additional deck, with a maximum shipping charge of $14. For more accurate shipping charge computation, or to request a shipping quote for orders shipping outside of the U.S., write to us at and tell us what items you want to order. We can send a PayPal eInvoice for any order upon request.

Q: Do you accept payments in currencies other than U.S. dollars?

A: Yes... under limited circumstances. We will accept checks or money orders in non-U.S. dollars if you agree to cover the costs involved with the conversion and deposit of those funds. Such costs, however, may be quite steep, as we are located in a part of the U.S. that is not exactly a "hotbed of international finance."

For best results, we recommend that non-U.S. buyers pay via credit card or one of the "internationally-friendly" online payment services, such as PayPal. You may be able to obtain International money orders in U.S. dollars for fees lower than the ones we are presently forced to charge to cover our conversion and deposit costs.

Q: Can you bill me for my order in my local currency?

A: Not really. Our bookkeeping programs are not able to handle multiple currencies, and the banks we work with will not allow us to maintain accounts in currencies other than US$. Credit card payments are charged in US$ and converted to your local currency by your credit card company. The PayPal service will convert your US$ payment to your local currency as well. Currency conversion by these services are done at the exchange rate in effect for that particular service at the time you place your order, and we can't predict what that might be.

If you want a general idea of approximately how much your order total might be in your currency, we recommend checking the Universal Currency Converter (UCC) online. The UCC rates shown are the rates generally offered to financial institutions, and therefore are more favorable than the rates that are usually obtainable by the general public. Still, it's a good place to start, and it's the exchange rate information we use when determining the cost for orders paid for "by mail" in non-US$. We add approx. 3% to the UCC rate when computing converted totals, and then add the equivalent of an additional US$5 to the total to cover the bank fees we incur when depositing such payments.

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