Deck Condition Ratings

The following list provides a general overview of The Tarot Garden's deck condition ratings and their meanings:


General Characteristics


Deck is either new, or in a condition that is indistinguishable from new. All items are present, including all cards, book(s) or booklet(s), box(es), and any other accessories such as pouches or spreadmats.

Near Mint

Item is mostly indistinguishable from new. All cards are present. Book and original box(es) are present. May or may not include incidental accessories, such as pouches or spreadmats.


Item may show minor signs of (respectful) use, including possible slight card curvature, "edgewear" to cards, book(s), or box(es), and/or minor imperfections such as light "scuffing" (usually not readily apparent unless the inspector is actively looking for them). Incidental accessories may or may not be included.

Very Good

Item shows definite signs of use. All cards are present, but incidental accessories, original book(s), and/or original box(es) may be missing. Cards may show definite curvature and edgewear, and light-but-noticeable imperfections such as scuffs and scratches. A few cards may show light damage, such as faint-but-noticeable creasing.


Deck is complete, but may show heavy signs of use. Incidental accessories, original book(s), and/or original box(es) may be missing. Cards are usable, but will show definite wear and imperfections. Cards may be creased, exhibit slight tears, have staining or age-related discoloration, and/or severe curvature. A previous owner may have written on some of the cards.


Cards exhibit signs of heavy use or possible mistreatment. Stains, creases, tearing, severe curvature, or handwriting will be clearly present in some form. Other components, if present, will show similar wear or damage. A few cards may be missing. NOTE: The Tarot Garden will never rate a deck condition above "Fair" if any cards are missing, even if the overall condition of the deck would otherwise merit a much higher rating.


The deck exhibits severe damage, and there may be numerous cards missing. Other components, if present, will show similar severe levels of wear or damage. The item(s) will likely be unusable for any significant purpose.