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Squee! It's time for another fabulous Tarot Garden "Reverse Auction" sale! Check out the savings offered during this great event, running from noon on Friday, March 13th to noon Monday, March 16th (U.S. Central Time) by clicking here.

New Limited Edition Parlor Sibyl:
The Helena Domenic Lenormand

The Helena Domenic Lenormand
Lenormand decks continue to grow in popularity -- and, like tarot, they offer the opportunity to present different perspectives on divinatory symbolism. If you're seeking to expand their library of Lenormand decks, you'll want to take a look at the new offering by the creator of the Fellowship of the Fool tarot -- the Helena Domenic Lenormand. From 21st century scenery to the fantastical realms of the imagination, Domenic's illustrations blend modern reality with contemporary fantasy to create an evocative symbolic set that's perfect for today's reader. This is a hard-to-find, self-published title, and our supply is limited... so you'll want to get your order in soon, before these charming decks are gone-gone-gone. You can click here to view additional samples, and place your order today!

New from the Co-Creator of the Shadowfox Tarot:
Tarot of the Night
Tarot of the Night

Ghosts, ghouls, the undead, and other spooky beasties populate the latest deck/book set from Richard ShadowFox: the Tarot of the Night. More oriented toward being entertaining than terrifying, this imaginative journey through the dark side of of dreams provides chills and thrills, while remaining true to tarot symbolism in the Waite-Smith tradition. A marvelous addition to the deck library of any collector who appreciates the shadowy side of tarot... or, for those forward-thinking readers, a great selection to use for Halloween parties. And it's available now in our online Boutique; click here for more samples and price information. Boo!

Tarot 'QuickQuiz'

Can you identify the popular tarot from which the card shown below was taken?

For the answer, click here.

Quick Quiz Card

Heads up! There are still a few juicy selections remaining for sale from our Wardle Collection decks. Just click the preceding link to learn about the collectible gems just waiting to be adopted by appreciative new homes!

New in our "Small Press" section:
Tarot de St. Croix

Artist Lisa de St. Croix describes her deck as a "visual encyclopedia of the soul". And indeed, these 78 original tarot cards encompass a wealth of informative and inspiring images that will breathe new life into your readings and meditations. The Tarot de St. Croix is a multicultural, spiritual experience that blends fresh ideas with accepted tarot traditions. Packaged with a full-color, palm-sized guidebook that will familiarize you with Ms. de St. Croix's illustrations and concepts, this beautiful, gentle deck will delight both readers and querents alike. Now available in the "Small Press" section of our Boutique; click here for more samples and for pricing information.

August 19 - November 18, 2013
Tarot Garden

This period's bestsellers includes a mixture of old favorites and fresh, new offerings; take a look:

1) Touchstone Tarot (Kunati edition)
2) Tarot of Physics
3) Steampunk Tarot (Matthews)
4) Tarot 3D
5) Tarot of the Absurd (tie)
5) The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed (tie)
5) Book of Shadows Tarot, Vol. 2: So Below (tie)

For 2013 to date, the Tarot of Physics moves into slot #2, bumping the Book of Azathoth Tarot into the #3 position:

1) Touchstone Tarot (Kunati edition)
2) Tarot of Physics
3) Book of Azathoth Tarot
4) Dark Carnival Tarot
5) Off-Center Lenormand

And finally, our all-time movers remains as before -- but we're still eying a possible deck or two that may unseat one of these classic titles.

1) Lunatic Tarot (card editon)
2) Touchstone Tarot (Kunati edition)
3) Gothic Tarot (Vargo)
4) Gilded Tarot
5) Black Tarot

Thanks again to all our great customers and site visitors for their continued support of our online database and international shop!

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