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Der Akron Tarot

Designer(s), Artist(s): Bilder von S.O. Huttengrund, Akron
Country of Publication: Germany
Number of Cards: 80
Publication Year: 2005
Publication Status: In Print

Surreal with a "dark" feel, the Akron Tarot is a dramatic and stylish, fully-illustrated deck with much to say. According to a review by noted tarot authority K. Frank Jensen, the deck's creation was motivated and overseen by Swiss philosopher Akron, but with some of the work credited to Akron's circle of students/followers. The illustrations are by Bilder von S.O. Huttengrund. The deck includes two extra cards: An extra devil card with two aspects (The Black Goddess when upright; The Scarlet Anima when reversed). and an unnumbered card called The Dark Child. Some readers and students of tarot will likely be unnerved by the unapologetically stark and somewhat ominous flavor of the artwork -- but for those who can see past the surface, the Akron Tarot has a great deal of useful information to offer. Available only with large accompanying manual, which has not been translated from the original German into any other language.

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