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About the Tarot Garden "Card Credits" Program Terms and Conditions

In order to participate in the Tarot Garden's "Card Credits" program, you must read and agree to the policies and limitations as stipulated below. You will indicate your acceptance of these terms and conditions by checking the acknowledgment box at the end of the Card Credits online enrollment form.

These policies have been implemented to make your participation in the Card Credits program a safe and enjoyable experience. If you have any questions about these policies, please write us at for clarification prior to completing your enrollment in the Card Credits program.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Confidentiality of Participant Information. The Tarot Garden agrees to keep all of your "Card Credit" program information confidential. We will not sell or otherwise disclose your enrollment information to any third party, unless required to do so by law. Your Card Credit program information will be maintained on a secure server system. However, you agree not to hold the Tarot Garden responsible for acquisition of your personal information that is beyond our reasonable control -- e.g., hacker attacks or other illegal methods instigated by third parties not directly associated with the Tarot Garden, etc.
  2. Request of Personal Account Information. When you enroll in the Card Credit program, you must divulge certain personal information that is necessary for us to carry out the functions of the program. This information is collected online, and kept in a database that is accessible only by the Tarot Garden. Once collected, we will not contact you to request your account information -- i.e., your account user name and password -- for any reason. If technical problems make it impossible for us to obtain the information for administratively necessary reasons, we will contact you regarding the process for setting up a new account online, into which your Card Credit balance will be transferred. If you are contacted by any party and asked to reveal your Card Credit account information, contact us immediately at, as the request is likely to be fraudulent.
  3. Participant Expenditures that are Eligible for Card Credit Points. The Tarot Garden will award you one card credit point for every $10 USD spent on merchandise -- whether the merchandise is purchased from our online catalog, offline inventory, through our auctions, or by special order. However, all non-merchandise related fees and expenses, including shipping and insurance costs, escrow fees, etc., are not eligible for Card Credits consideration, and will not be included in your purchase total when calculating your awarded points.
  4. Awarding of Card Credit Points for Purchases Made Before Enrollment in the Program. If you have purchased from us before, we agree to award you Card Credit points for all of your past Tarot Garden orders placed in the 60 days prior to your enrollment in the program. Orders placed 61 days or more prior to your enrollment will not be included in your initial Card Credit total, unless otherwise indicated in writing by an authorized representative of The Tarot Garden.
  5. Modifications to the Number of Card Credit Points Awarded. The Tarot Garden reserves the right to award additional Card Credit points, or deny the awarding of such points, at our discretion. You will be informed in advance of your purchase, either by announcement on our website or by e-mail, if certain purchases will be awarded more or fewer Card Credit points than those awarded under the "standard" program rules.
  6. Accounting Discrepancies. If you feel that our records do not accurately reflect the number of Card Credit points that you have earned, you may request a clarification or correction by writing to us at We will reply within 72 hours, providing you with a clarification or correction as necessary, to our best ability at the time. Adjustments made to your Card Credit account will be made at our discretion, after consideration of all the facts at our disposal.
  7. Updating of Personal Information. You agree to keep us informed of any changes to your personal information, so that we are able to carry out the functions of the Card Credit program. We cannot be held responsible if you do not receive crucial program information because your e-mail has changed, or if you do not receive your card credit merchandise because your mailing address has changed, or for any other difficulties caused by a change in your personal information, unless you have informed us of the change in advance. You may update your personal information by logging into the Card Credits members area, and clicking the "Edit" button provided.
  8. Changes to or Discontinuation of the Card Credits Program. The Tarot Garden reserves the right to alter, temporarily suspend, or end the Card Credits program at our discretion. You will be informed by e-mail of any important changes to the program, or if we discontinue the program. Should we elect to discontinue the program, any Card Credits that you have not used will be forfeited.
  9. Withdrawing from the Program. You may, at any time, voluntarily choose to end your participation in the Card Credits program by sending an e-mail stating your Card Credit account name and the e-mail address you currently use to receive Card Credit program correspondence. When you end your enrollment, all of your Card Credit points that remain on account are forfeited. Should you decide to reenroll in the program at a later time, your previous Card Credit points will not be reinstated to your new account.
  10. Transfer of Card Credits. Your Card Credits points cannot and will not be transferred to otherwise credited to any other party, even at your personal request, and even if you decide to withdraw from the program with a point "balance" remaining.
  11. Returns and exchanges. Transactions made through the Card Credits program are considered final. Items cannot be returned or exchanged for other Card Credit catalog items or other Tarot Garden products.
  12. Shipping. The shipping costs of Card Credit program selections will be borne by the Tarot Garden. We reserve the right to select the method of shipment, to combine shipment of Card Credit selections with other Card Credit selections made during separate shopping sessions or with your other Tarot Garden orders, and to delay shipment of Card Credit selections for up 30 days for reasons of efficiency and economy.
  13. Transactions subject to local laws. If your country, state, province, or municipality has laws that regulate or govern offers such as the Tarot Garden Card Credits program, those laws supersede these terms and conditions, and you may have additional rights or responsibilities in conjunction with your participation. You agree that you are responsible for the remittance of any additional costs, including taxes, that may be levied by your regional or local government(s) in conjunction with this program.
  14. Exclusion from the Card Credits Program. The Tarot Garden reserves the right to deny, suspend, or revoke the right to participate in the Card Credits program to any party for adequate cause, including fraud or other abuses of the program or your business relationship with the Tarot Garden. In addition, we cannot accept enrollments in this program from persons who own or operate businesses involved in the resale of new or used tarots. For purposes of this policy, a tarot reseller business is defined as, but not necessarily limited to, any individual or group that operates a traditional or electronic (Internet) storefront, or that regularly sells tarots through other seller venues, including, but not limited to: trade shows, e-mail solicitation, and auction sites. The exception to the reseller policy is persons who sell only decks that they themselves have created and published (or had published by a third party). Please direct all questions regarding this policy to
  15. Limitation of Liability. You agree not to hold The Tarot Garden liable for any legal, financial, or any other claim resulting from the use of this service. The Tarot Garden provides this service to you on an "as-is" basis. There is no warranty or guarantee of any kind. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless The Tarot Garden and all related personnel, officers, employees, agents, and third parties from your use of this service.
  16. Agreement to Terms. By enrolling in the Card Credits program, you attest that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Furthermore, you attest that you understand that these terms and conditions may change at any time, and that you may elect to discontinue your participation in the Card Credits program at any time. Your continued participation in the Card Credits program means that you have accepted any alterations or amendments to these rules. Any violation of the above rules and agreement may result in your removal from Card Credits program and the forfeiture of your bonus points. Your acceptance of the above terms and conditions is a verification that you are at least 18 years of age, or, if you are under the age of 18, that you have the permission of an adult to participate and agree to this agreement.

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